Monday, August 31, 2009

The day it all began

May 31st, 1974:

This is the day that I was born. I was born in St. Mary's hospital just outside the campus of Washington University - St. Louis and the apartment where I would spend my first 6 months of life sat directly across the street from the hospital ... my parents liked to plan ahead.

I remember nothing about this day .... I was given a name that would identify me within all facets of my life. I always find it a little strange that the one title that is probably the most important identifying feature that all of us have .... is given to us with absolutely no regard to our own personal decision. This is how you end up with names like "Billy Bob Sue", "Stevie Stephens", and my personal favorite "Harry Richard" ( think about that one for a minute). There are people all over this world walking around swearing their parents name under their breath as they deal with the scars of having been called to the principals office over the loud speaker in high school:

"Will Ben Dover please report to the principals office".......(seriously,his parents should be put in jail).

So back to May 31st, 1974.

When you are born there is this expectation that you are going to great things and this burden is immediately bestowed upon you by your parents. They look at you and are instantly determined to not make the same mistakes that they feel their parents made with them. Your life is instantly determined based on the actions of your grandparents ..... the very people who you will adore as you grow up are the same people who set the foundation for all of the things that will ---- you up down the line.

Life is vicious in that regard. We are constantly correcting for the mistakes of those that came before us. We feel that in order for life to get better we must shake off the rust of our previous upbringing and give our children the perfect life.

Why is that? What is it about the past that makes all of us want to try and change the future.

What do you think? What is the one thing that would make the biggest difference in your life if we could change one thing your parents taught you?

Tell me your thoughts.

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